Thursday, 21 February 2013

Antidote 0.2 - Maps + Ammo

Hello everybody, it's been a long time since I last made an appearance. I thought, in light of the recent efforts of the crew behind Minecraft (Mojang) raising charity for money by programming, that I would program my game too! So whilst they're making a game in which you must defend your flying pizza through space, I'll be making a couple(?) of update(s).

So, onto Antidote version 0.2. I spent last night making the last changes and now I'm happy that you can have a go too. This update includes:

  • Maps
    • Walls
    • Barricades
    • Zombie spawners
  • Proper ammo and reloading (finally)
    • Remaining ammo in the gun displayed
    • Ammo picked up also displayed
    • Reloading sound
    • Out of ammo sound (that's right, it's not infinite anymore)
  • Temporary removal of squads because they're rubbish
    • "Sometimes you have to backwards to go forwards" - Luke Barnard 2013


  • Movement: WASD = up down left right
  • Shooting: aim with mouse, hold left mouse button to fire
  • Reloading: space
  • Antidotes: right click at a zombie to turn them into a human. Requires antidotes!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Antidote0.1 Download

Hello again, I've uploaded downloadable versions of the game for anyone who wants to test them out.

Antidote Update No.4 - Squads

Hello all! This update features a new font for the game as well as a heads-up-display or HUD to show the score, the number of remaining antidotes and the multiplier for the score.

The main new feature is squads! You can now press the Enter key to call for help. When you do, the surrounding humans will circle you wherever you go. I find that about 3 or 4 is a suitable size because they can get in the way of you getting a good score but there is no limit (so long as you can get yourself in the middle of them all).

When you shoot a zombie, you score a number of points equal to the number of health points you hit off a zombie. One bullet (currently) scores 5 health points of damage on the zombie. Each zombie has 100 health points, so killing a zombie on your own gets you 100 points but getting a multiplier on your own is very difficult.

Also, when you are turned into a zombie, you must collect an antidote to turn back into a human. So there still isn't a way to lose... I'm still working on that.

Here's a game-play video to wrap things up. If you can, please "like and subscribe" me on YouTube on my video here. If not, here's the video anyway:

Thanks everyone for reading and watching, see you next time.