Monday, 28 January 2013

Game Update No.3 - Antidote

Big changes this time everyone. The game is really moving fast and ideas are being thrown at me from all angles. Here's a change list:

  • Health bars for all characters.
  • Antidotes that can be collected from the ground and used when close to zombies to turn them back into humans.
  • More zombies spawn when there are more humans present.
  • Each zombie killed by you (not other humans) gives you a score and if you kill multiple zombies within a small amount of time, the score you gain multiplies. You can see your score in the top left of the screen.
  • The screen shakes when you shoot.
  • Sounds are played when a character is hit or when a gun is fired.
  • The game will now be called "Antidote"
I think that's all the changes. If you have any bright ideas, please tell me because limited antidotes and the screen shaking were both partly thought of by my friends! Here is a video to give you a much more visual idea of what the game is like currently:

The sound seems to be a bit glitchy at the moment, with random glitchy sounds appearing now and then so I will work on that. Thank you everyone for reading/watching, please use the icons below this post to share my blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Giant Zombies?...

Yep, so this happened...
I think I'll reconsider giant zombies...

Game Update No.2

OK, so there have been some large updates to the game. Once the game begins, zombies randomly spawn and walk towards you whilst you try to shoot them. When the zombie runs out of health, it turns into a human. The human will then help you to convert more zombies. At the moment, the way to convert a zombie to a human is to shoot it with your gun! This is a bit confusing and not how I'd like the game to work.

So what I think should happen is that humans have a number of antidotes that can cure zombies and turn them back into humans. They only work close range which puts you at risk of getting hit by a zombie and being turned into one.

Here is a video I took showing the current game play (I forgot to enable animation on the AI humans!):

More updates to come, and eventually, I will release the game!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Game Update No.1

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on the new game. I've continued working on the game engine alongside the game to make sure that everything I want to implement in the future is possible. So I've set up a basic area where the player can run around and do not a lot apart from point towards the mouse cursor.
I would like to know how the human that you control looks. Is he too square? Wrong colours? Is it a bit weird that his nose and eyebrows are exceedingly long/thick? Let me know by posting here or on Facebook, I don't mind.
With this news, I'm sure you would all love a nice video of the game at this stage. I don't have the software for that because it costs money so here's an old-fashioned screenshot!...
I also need YOUR input as to what to call the game so please let me know your ideas, no matter how ridiculous like "run escape" or "minec raft" ;). That's all from me, see you soon.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Blog Begins

Welcome to my blog! This is my first Java development blog post. Currently, I am working on my own, personal game engine, which will be used in all of my future games.
The first stages have been setup a Game class which will be able to house all of the basic game capabilities such as the tick, draw loop and that includes the same loop for all sprites in the game instance.
The hierarchy for the types of sprites is mainly through abstract classes going from Sprite all the way AnimatedSprite at the moment. The idea is, I can inherit those classes to make various interactions between sprites.
The first game that I will test this engine on will be a "run away from the zombies" game!