Thursday, 24 January 2013

Game Update No.2

OK, so there have been some large updates to the game. Once the game begins, zombies randomly spawn and walk towards you whilst you try to shoot them. When the zombie runs out of health, it turns into a human. The human will then help you to convert more zombies. At the moment, the way to convert a zombie to a human is to shoot it with your gun! This is a bit confusing and not how I'd like the game to work.

So what I think should happen is that humans have a number of antidotes that can cure zombies and turn them back into humans. They only work close range which puts you at risk of getting hit by a zombie and being turned into one.

Here is a video I took showing the current game play (I forgot to enable animation on the AI humans!):

More updates to come, and eventually, I will release the game!

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